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in this unusual workshop, we’ll use foam rollers and other investigative tools to locate and release tension trapped in the body. we’ll alleviate tightness in the feet, calves, thighs, hips, back, ribcage, shoulders and neck with techniques that are as effective as deep-tissue massage,  restoring freedom of movement and lightness of being.

treat yourself!

Friday April 13th, 7-9p
$20 in advance, $30 at the door


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Past Events





The Yoga Low-Down:  an Unusual, Therapeutic, Tension-Busting Workshop at Dharma Studio

Sat, July 10th, 3-5p:
$20 in advance, $25 at the door

If yoga is supposed to be so good for you, why are people so often injured?  In this special workshop, learn to address the chronic tightness that can lead to injury, and to locate and release myo-fascial tension trapped deep in the body with the help of therapeutic foam rollers...  Learn techniques of auto-massage that will help you increase flexibility of the thighs and hips, improve mobility of the spine and ribcage, and bring you relief from chronic soreness and pain.

Dharma Studio is located in Coconut Grove, at  3170 Commodore Plaza
Please register in advance!  Call 305.461.1777  or email

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Dharma Studio has arrived

Loree & I are both overwhelmed and thrilled by all the positive response we've gotten at Dharma Studio in our first few months of operation...  Everything we've dreamed up has sprung beautifully to life, from our Grand Opening Party through our special events, like our Dinner & Movie Night with the Y Yoga Movie, to the Coconut Grove Art Walk, to hosting Erich Schiffmann at the Biltmore Hotel.  We've had kids' art workshops, and great yoga workshops with local teachers too, like Jill Rapperport, Christy Nones, Ken von Roenn III, Beatriz Osorio, with more on the horizon.

Thank you all so much for your support and all your blessings!  For more details about our studio, go to our website:

Dharma Studio: 3170 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, FL 33133



Free Classes in North Beach
Mondays and Fridays 7-8a 

This free community class is sponsored by the North Beach Bandshell Trust, the group that promotes most of the family-friendly programs in and around the Bandshell that you already enjoy. 

It was so fun to teach the free Sunrise Yoga class in North Beach, and it warmed my heart to see that class grow from a handful of students to over 30 people...  Now Diana Dalton is teaching it, and it continues to evolve.  Please join her Mondays and/or Fridays in the Sand Bowl (the volleyball court directly behind the 73rd St Bandshell on Collins Ave.), from 7-8a, weather permitting.  All levels are welcome. So grab your sunscreen, something to drink and a big towel, and please come!

To learn more about Diana Dalton, click here.



Weekend Retreat with Kate Potter

Last May, I did a retreat with Kate Potter on Samish Island in Washington State.  She brought a group of students from Vancouver, and I was faced with a fresh definition of the "international" complexion, as compared to my hometown Miami.  We focused on asana, ayurveda, pranayama, wild kriyas and mudra on the pristine Puget Sound overlooking the San Juan Islands. Our schedule was full, but we had plenty of down-time to reflect, to see Bald Eagles soar overhead, to get dive-bombed by glowing Roufus Hummingbirds, and fall into the mud laughing hysterically while thwarting a potential bee attack.  Kate was amazing, as usual. 


Kate Potter Weekend May '08

The weekend workshop with Kate Potter was beautiful!!  Thanks to Loree Shrager, Kate came to Miami for a delicious weekend at the Biltmore hotel in Coral Gables, we had an awesome time...

Even though I've had the pleasure of not owning a TV for seven years, I've had the chance to watch Kate Potter's Namaste Yoga Show, which now airs in over 20 countries.  Of the countless yoga videos I've seen/done, hers are by far the most beautifully shot, most innovative and inspiring.  To create them, she remained true to her vision, inventing sequences that awaken the body and make you feel alive.  Kate's workshop took place in three different ballrooms at the Biltmore, beneath towering, ornate ceilings where little birds fly around in the rafters all day.  Especially enjoyable was her workshop on Yoga and the Doshas, where we learned how to tailor asana sequences for different ayurvedic constitutions.  In the Teachers' Workshop we learned hypertonic stretching assists and did some asana trouble-shooting. When Kate returns next year, it won't be soon enough! 




New Orleans April'08

Being in New Orleans to witness Eve Ensler's huge non-profit machine "V-Day" in action was amazing.  Countless products and services were organized under one roof, all free for the forgotten women and girls of New Orleans. There were poetry slams, art, music, salon services, counseling, medical screenings, hula hoop therapy, and of course waffle fries.  Volunteers from everywhere converged on the Superdome, a setting that churns up some unsettling ghosts.  To work in seva with the Karma Krew volunteers was uplifting and humbling.   Founders Scott Feinberg & Amy Lombardo mobilized a group of yogis to teach two days of continuous classes.  As with many rewarding moments, the experience was exhausting and unforgettable.

I spent a day with lovely Katie McDonnell, who spearheaded a volunteer yoga & meditation program Mid-May in New Orleans, in conjunction with Café Reconcile and Hope House, two organizations dedicated to providing  locals with jobs and education.  We drove through the hard-hit Lower 9th Ward, stunned by the contrast of rows of splintered houses tilting into the sky like a ghost town of sunburnt dollhouses.  We stopped and talked to every person we saw: two. We checked out Mack McClendon's Lower 9th Ward Village, and watched his colleagues nod their heads and smile as he described how he converted his industrial garage into a community center.  We also drove up to the levees and saw one of the new houses built by Brad Pitt's "Make it Right" Foundation, a slick but modest cross between high hopes and denial, given its vulnerable perch on the weakened levees.  In St Bernard Parish we visited the tireless volunteers at Habitat for Humanity.  Katie and I had lunch in the Bywater and coffee in the Marigny before heading back to the Wild Lotus yoga studio for an amazing class with Ellen.  None of these images fades easily.

visit: Karma Krew



Otam March'08

Funyasa Yoga in the jungle at Otam Yogashala was quite a memorable experience!  Just a couple miles from the beaches of Playa del Carmen, what Maru Garcia has created in a lush forest is a vivid dream come true. Every day began early, with a colorful walk through Playa del Carmen to Java Joe's for coffee and the comedy hour with the owners, New Yorkers Ronnie & Joel.  It's never a dull morning over there.  Along the way I'd stroll by this nightclub where about a hundred cute little Spring-breakers could be seen flirting and vomiting outside on the street, a memorable character-study.  Maru would pick me up in her pickup-truck and drive me through town and into the jungle on winding streets of varying surface.  Noting the rampant construction in Playa these days, when you see Otam appear amidst the trees, you think you're dreaming...  Thank you Maru and Torsten!!!  Otam is proof of what can happen when someone follows her heart and against harsh odds doesn't stop until her vision is realized.  To do yoga in such a powerful and peaceful place must add years to your life.  I'm honored to have been invited, it was awesome to teach there, and meeting sweet students from surprising places never gets old.  I can't wait to come back...

Visit:  Otam Yogashala



IDASH December'07

I taught a Yoga Workshop in Cancun at IDASH, the Institute for the Harmonious Development of the Human Being... and it was a blast!  Founders Cecilia & Carlos gave me a warm welcome, and introduced me to their sweet students and the local cuisine, including chilis, grains, flowers and cacti I'd never met.  We ate at little shacks on the beach without walls, just traditional palapas overhead, and famous powder-fine sand underfoot.  Eating in the breeze on sloping plastic tables was pure joy. We had to resort to making up words because the scenery and the menu left existing vocabulary in the dust.   I can't wait to see Ceclia & Carlos and their students again in perfect weather, with delicious food and mind-blowing Maya ruins on the side.  Part of me is still there...

Visit:  IDASH